The Johnston Lab

Screenshot 2021-03-18 170807              Lab Group Photo, March 2021

The Johnston Lab is based at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh. Our research interests centre on using genomic information to understand selection and evolution in wild and domesticated populations. We answer questions on sexual selection, immunity and recombination using genomic data collected from various vertebrate species, including sheep, red deer, Atlantic salmon and house sparrows.


May 2020: Susan presented her research on recombination rate evolution (or lack of!) in wild Soay sheep and red deer in the online EvoEcoSeminar series. You can watch it again here:

November 2019: Alex Sparks published her PhD work looking at the genetic architecture of immune responses in wild Soay sheep in PLoS Genetics – we are so chuffed! Read it open access here.

August 2019: Lucy Peters presented her latest PhD work investigating genomic signatures of ongoing sexual conflict in Red deer at the European Society of Evolutionary Biology in Turku, Finland. You can watch it again here: