Current Members

Dr Susan Johnston (PI)

Susan is a Royal Society University Research Fellow using genomics to understand evolutionary puzzles in natural populations. At present, her main interests are the evolution of recombination rate variation and understanding the genetic architecture of ongoing sexual conflict. She did her PhD in Sheffield (UK), and postdocs in Turku (Finland) and Edinburgh.

Lucy Peters (NERC E3 PhD Student)

Lucy is a PhD student investigating the genetic architecture of antler morphology and signatures of sexual conflict in Red deer on Rum. She did her BSc in Glasgow (UK) and was a visiting student at Bielefeld (Germany).

John McAuley (Darwin Trust PhD Student)

John is a PhD student investigating the causes and consequences of individual recombination rate variation in wild house sparrows in Norway. He did his BSc in Seattle (USA) and an MSc in Salford (UK).

Lizzie Wimborne & Leanne Anderson (Honours Project Students)

Lizzie is an immunology student investigating the genetic basis of sex differences in immune responses and Leanne is a zoology student investigating maternal genetic effects on horn development. Both are working with genomic data from the Soay sheep system.

Associated Members

Dr Martin Stoffel (DFG Research Fellow)

Martin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow mapping inbreeding depression in Soay sheep. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Bielefeld (Germany). His current project is in collaboration with Prof. Josephine Pemberton.

Cathrine Brekke (Visiting PhD Student)

Cathrine is a PhD student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, investigating the genetic basis of recombination rates in pigs, cattle and salmon. She has been a visitor since 2019 and has never quite left (but is always welcome!).

Anna Hewett (NERC E4 PhD Student)

Anna did her MSc project in our group looking at genomic signatures of intra-locus sexual conflict in the Soay sheep of St Kilda. Previously, she did her BSc at Cardiff (UK). She is now doing a PhD in Edinburgh mapping inbreeding depression in Red deer on Rum.

Dr Julie Gaüzere (NERC Postdoctoral Researcher)

Julie is investigating maternal genetic effects on fitness-related traits in Red deer on Rum. She did her PhD at INRA, Avignon and a postdoc at CEFE, Montpellier (France). Her current project is in collaboration with Prof Josephine Pemberton and Dr Craig Walling.

Former Members

Dr Alexandra Sparks (MRC PhD Student, 2013 – 2017) co-supervised with Prof. Dan Nussey

Alex completed her PhD on evolutionary genetics of helminth-specific immune responses in wild Soay sheep in 2017. She is now a postdoc with Dr Hannah Dugdale at the University of Leeds, working on genomic questions in Seychelles warblers.

Shaoya An (MSc Project 2020)

Katie McCabe (BSc Hons Project 2020)

Sarah Dobson (BSc Hons Project 2020)

Gemma Homer (BSc Hons Project 2019)

Lizzie Bowen-West (BSc Hons Project 2019)