Base Graphics in R: A Detailed Idiot’s Guide

One of the most powerful functions of R is its ability to produce a wide range of graphics to quickly and easily visualise data. Plots can be replicated, modified and even publishable with just a handful of commands.

Making the leap from chiefly graphical programmes, such as Excel and Sigmaplot may seem tricky. However, with a basic knowledge of R, just investing a few hours could completely revolutionise your data visualisation and workflow. Trust me – it’s worth it.

Last year, I presented an informal seminar on the basics of R Graphics at University of Turku. In this blog post, I am providing some of the slides and the full code from that practical, which shows how to build different plot types using the basic (i.e. pre-installed) graphics in R, including:

After much wrangling with WordPress, I used the very simple ‘Publish’ button on R-Markdown to host the tutorial on RPubs. This post is BIG, but DETAILED. The Tutorial itself is HERE and all code and datafiles are available here.

Feedback is welcomed. I hope someone out there finds it useful!

An Introduction to R Graphics: Slides