Creating a large scale map using ggplot2: a step by step guide.

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Whenever I have needed a map in a presentation, I have always slipped in a cheeky screenshot from Google and prayed that the copyright police won’t burst into the door and arrest me (talks are stressful enough). However, I was determined to change this, and after extensive trawling of the web, I’ve put together a quick template to make a simple large scale map for talks, presentations and posters using GIS shape files and ggplot2.

Here is the finished object (full code at the end of this page):

Europe Map

I started by downloading this excellent world map template from thematicmapping, and loading it into R using the maptools package:

library(maptools) gpclibPermit() ## [1] TRUE worldmap <- readShapeSpatial("world_borders.shp") 

*** NB: You will require the library gpclib to read in the shapefile – if gpclibPermit() returns FALSE, then try installing gpclib again. As of Sep…

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